Freshman English Composition Resources

If you are taking ENGL 101, there are a number of resources available for you! Please contact the Writing Center Coordinator at for more details of how we can help you.

Our featured Youtube video discusses how to write an effective thesis statement. Without an effective thesis statement, you will be unable to organize your personal or persuasive essays for Freshman English Composition. For further resources, please click on the links below the video.

How would you like to improve your writing? Click on the links below for instructional resources online.


Why do I need to prewrite?

How do I write a thesis statement?

How do I organize my essay, narrative or written task?

How do I use basic MLA format and citations?

What are the basic sentence structures?



How do I improve sentence clarity?

How do I use transitions and transition phrases?

How do I create patterns of order and organization?

Where can I find samples of successful college admissions essays?

How do I consider audience, purpose and context?



How do I avoid/correct plagiarism?

What is a run-on or a comma splice?

FREE online spell checker

What are the colon and semicolon rules?