Eye-opening Conference And Job Fair at Quality Leadership University

A psychologist held a conference during Quality Leadership University’s career week opening with her confused and regretful feeling of her degree during her junior year at university alarmed the students that were attending the conference.

Magister and psychologist Carla Pino started this conference explaining the struggles she went through as a college students and then as a full time psychologist. However, she then described the little steps she took to climb the ladder of life towards her dream job, which involved attending patients.

The way she started the speech did captivate the students worryful attention, however, she then swiftly drifted to her main topic which was also the title of her presentation, El Poder de Tu Marca Personal (The Power of your Personal Brand). She explained that in order to achieve your goals, you will have to surpass a series of obstacles. One of the things she learned during her experiences is that one must build their image. “Your name is your product,” she explained, “you are your brand.” The rest of the conference was centered in this topic.

Pino explained that the reason this is important is because the world is full of people and it is necessary for us to stand out in order to reach places. You need to sell yourself as if you were a brand, she explained. According to her experiences, she expressed that there is a lot of competition out there. And, in order to get to places, as we graduate, we need to understand that we need to be niches, or in other words stand out among the crowd.

One of the students interviewed after the conference expressed that she needed this speech. She mentioned, that not many adults explain students about the real world they are supposed to face after university life. And, speeches like these ones are very inspirational and helpful for students.

The following day, on Thursday, October 11, the university held its job fair. Countless companies participated in the fair. Some of these companies included big multinationals, such as Philips, Dell, Maersk, Copa and many more. Non-profit organizations were also present in the fair. These companies, as advised by the university, were mainly offering internships for junior and senior students. They were also prepared and aware that most of these students were lacking any type of experience.

A participant from the fair was interviewed. She mentioned that the fair was very interesting and helpful for her as a junior student since she was able to apply to five companies for the internship program she must fulfill in order to graduate. However, she mentioned, that there were fewer companies this time than there were in the last job fairs. For instance, companies, like Procter & Gamble, that regularly participated in these fairs were not present this year. “I wish they had more multinational companies that offered internships in administrative areas,” she expressed.

Written by: Yashica Nagrani

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