Beware of Your Smartphone!


A smartphone has evidently become a very important part of our lives since we invest most of our time using it for the innumerable benefits it provides us. We surely feel that smartphones are the best creation in technology so far, but do we know that this amazing device has several threats for its users?





Reason: While in a call, it is quite natural to stick our phones to our ears. This may seem like something obvious that someone would do, but we do not realize that while doing so we are allowing the smartphone’s radiation to get very close to our brains. This dangerous habit is the reason that can cause cancer to handphone users.

The solution: The way to avoid this is by using alternate methods of attending a call such as by using the speakerphone option or by using headphones. If that may yet feel inconvenient, you must at least keep your phone two inches away from your ear.


Eyestrain, Headache

Reason: Eyestrain or a headache may seem obvious to many as well since a smartphone’s usage involves looking at its screen repeatedly. We use these devices occasionally for watching videos or sometimes watching movies, and this makes us keep our eyes stuck to the screen for several minutes or even hours at times.

The solution: We must keep the cellphone at least 16 inches away from our eyes for them not to get strained. Another practice we must start is to look away from the screen for a few seconds at least every 3 to 5 minutes rather than looking at the screen continously without any break.


Lowered Sperm Count, DNA Damage

Reason: Since our smartphones are so dear to us, our natural instinct is to always keep this precious device as close to us as possible, but what we do not realize is that when people, especially men, keep their phones in their pocket, they are allowing its radiations to reach their testicles which can damage their DNA and can lower their sperm count as well.

The solution: Keep your handphone away from your pocket. Women can always carry a small bag in which their phone should be kept.


Disturbed Sleep

Reason: Most of us have the bad habit of keeping our phones beside us while we sleep. This may be because we want to hear the alarm, or we want to be pending of any message or call. This again keeps radiation closer to our brain and causes parts of our brain to still be active. This, in turn, causes a disturbed sleep.

The solution: Keep your phone away from your bed as much as possible and avoid using it at least 2 hours before going to sleep.


Text Neck Spinal Issue

Reason: Since smartphones are small devices, it forces us to constantly keep our necks down in order to look at its screen. This curved position of the neck done repeatedly for a large amount of time can cause a spinal issue which is nowadays known as Text Neck. This issue can cause you permanent neck pain if a curing step is not taken.

The solution: Keep your phone at an eye level rather than keeping it on your lap. This avoids you from curving down your neck to see your cellphone.

These are some out of the several major threats smartphones can have. Everything in excess is bad, and so it goes for cellphone usage. Apart from practicing these preventive measures mentioned, you must control the amount of time you spend using these. It may be difficult to be away from your phone due to the craze of social media, which has caused many to cultivate a fear called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but if you try hard, everything is possible. Entertainment through a smartphone is a short-term pleasure, whereas a healthy life is a long term one.  Do not allow cellphones to change from a blessing into a curse. We made smartphones to help us, not to deteriorate us. Let us be smart, let us take this small step towards a healthier lifestyle!


Written by: Puja Kishinani  

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