Who Would Have Thought?

Have you ever pictured yourself in a shining armor? Fending foes for the sake of your kingdom? Born in a different part of the world, maybe; honoring the tradition of your people? Or just sharing your dinner table with some strangers that are familiar enough to call you friendly nicknames?

Just imagine. Cultures around the world celebrate the coming of age with rituals and traditions that have great meaning for them. They use body paint, dancing, and even demonic masks. It represents a new stage in their lives and they treat it like so in their own special way? Do you recall what you did to celebrate adulthood? Don’t worry if you don’t remember, some of us spent the aftermath clutching a pitcher of water and some Tylenol.

However you go about the different stages in your life, stop for a second and think of all the possibilities. You may love cheesecake, but by a matter of fate you could have been born lactose intolerant; or you do and you are. If that is the case, please stay safe.

Perhaps, you could have been born in a time before cheesecake or in a place where it isn’t so common. Destiny put you then and there because you and cheesecake were supposed to meet either for the development or demise of humanity. So, the next time you question your course, give all these wild possibilities a thought.

Written by: Vanessa Díaz

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