Campus Culture at QLU

College life is more than attending classes, studying and taking exams. Obtaining a university degree at least with the new degrees takes four years of your life, a lot of time that if organized, it gives a lot of free time. You must dedicate to your academic tasks the same amount of time you would devote to a full-time job, a minimum of 40 hours a week. Estimate that you will spend an average of 2 additional hours for each hour you spend in class. The balance will vary according to the subject, however, you will do much of the most difficult work in the library or your bedroom.


Some people think that basically the university is an opportunity to be free. Others believe that the subjects are the only priority. Many people are likely to be at a midpoint. Whatever your position, there will be other people who think like you. Do not feel under pressure to drink or do anything you do not want to. Taking this into account, remember that the university is the stage in which you learn to be an adult on your own. Make decisions that match your values and make you feel happy. Keep in mind that, on occasions you and your parents (or other authority figures) may disagree, and there is no problem with that.


University is learning, culture, relationships with colleagues and having fun, too. Not only will you have fun, yet you will also develop your ability to deal with different people, keep an organization, etc. You might even notice later that you use these skills and experiences in your profession. One of the channels for students to participate in university life is through the associations of university students. There are some groups of purely cultural, social or sporting nature, while others take a tinge more related to representation and student participation.


This will more than often become the stage of your life in which you have the greatest opportunities to learn from people from totally different backgrounds. You will be very lucky to have access to it, so take advantage of it. Attend classes with a multicultural approach. Attend cultural events and conferences on campus. All this will broaden your perspective and will be useful to determine your own values. Even if you get to keep your ideas firmly, it is good to know the opinion of others.

Written by: Jarielys Jones

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