Yellow Is The New Black

As the New Year arrived, so did many other influences and instances in our lives, which have caused us to take note. A few such as politics, the entertainment industry and others have had an impact on fashion today. This time a new trend has emerged and so far, it seems it’s come to stay. It is wearing yellow clothing. In fact, it’s known that this color is associated with happiness and joy, which is why this color might be attractive for a lot of people. For many, this is a bold color, and a statement piece you might say, but, do not worry. Today, I’m going to give you some tips, so your outfits are on point and of course your pictures look Instagram worthy, because yellow seems to be the new black and it’s not going back.

  1. When looking for a professional look, mix it with black to keep it bold, but classy.
  2. If you want to go for a more sunny/day time look, you can mix it with white, to have that fresh look.
  3. Try and not mix outfits to combine yellow and another bright color, since this will only make you lose the sense of classiness in your outfit.

Written by: By Gabriella Nicolas

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