Student Life

Being a student is not easy, yet being a student in Quality Leadership University makes the difference. We all as students from QLU love our university because of its environment, attention, concern of the professors about their students and many other things. The attention we received  as students and also the knowledge is unique.


I had the experience to go to a university in the United States, University of Miami, and I cannot even compare it to the life I have in QLU. I came back to Panama because I was feeling alone and unhappy. When I came back and I resumed my studies at QLU, I felt happy again.


At QLU I feel so comfortable, every morning I am received with a good morning and a good attitude. Besides this, all the students are like a family to me. I consider all my classmates, my friends. I didn´t have that in Miami, I didn´t even know the people that were in the classes with me. Not everything is perfection, besides all the good things, I am sometimes struggling with some classes as many students ere, but our professors are always concerned about helping us to improve and to make us understand everything.


Me as a student, I also have other tasks during my days, so sometimes I feel like crazy because I have a lot of assignments. My solution when I am feeling like that is to organize myself and try to do some things with anticipation.


I love being a student and this stage of my life is almost finishing because I am concluding my studies in May 2019. I have gone through ups and downs which have made me the person I am nowadays. For me, QLU has an important place in my life and in my heart. Here as a student, I have learned the sense of sharing with my classmates, having good relationships with them, the professors and even the people that work at the university in different departments. This experience I have lived is the best one of all, and I will always appreciate it and have it with me in my mind and my heart.

Written by: Carmen Teresa Boyd

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