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Yellow Is The New Black

As the New Year arrived, so did many other influences and instances in our lives, which have caused us to take note. A few such as politics, the entertainment industry and others have had an impact on fashion today. This time a new trend has emerged and so far, it seems it’s come to stay. It […]

Student Life

Being a student is not easy, yet being a student in Quality Leadership University makes the difference. We all as students from QLU love our university because of its environment, attention, concern of the professors about their students and many other things. The attention we received  as students and also the knowledge is unique.   […]

Fun or Interesting Facts: Character

Character: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Did you understand? Well, if you didn´t, I´ll be discussing what I suppose makes up the components of a human´s character. Each person in this immense world has a different character based on their values or ethics. I […]

Campus Culture at QLU

College life is more than attending classes, studying and taking exams. Obtaining a university degree at least with the new degrees takes four years of your life, a lot of time that if organized, it gives a lot of free time. You must dedicate to your academic tasks the same amount of time you would […]

QLU´s Summer 2018 Dean List

Keeping students motivated at college is not an easy task. All the homework, essays, exams and presentations make us be stressed all the time. Everybody loves to receive recognition, and students are not the exception. That´s why QLU rewards the students with the highest academic GPA at the university. This reward consists of a ceremony […]

Eye-opening Conference And Job Fair at Quality Leadership University

A psychologist held a conference during Quality Leadership University’s career week opening with her confused and regretful feeling of her degree during her junior year at university alarmed the students that were attending the conference. Magister and psychologist Carla Pino started this conference explaining the struggles she went through as a college students and then […]

Guiltfree, “lo mejor de emprender desde 0 cuando eres joven es que a medida que el proyecto crece y te equivocas, tú vas creciendo con él.”

Nour Tehfe, estudiante de administración de empresas en negocios internacionales. La experiencia se adquiere cada día, sin necesidad de estarla buscando porque proviene de sus pasiones y de la forma en la que ocupa su tiempo libre. QLU news: ¿Cómo comenzó guiltfree? Nour Tehfe: Guiltfree empezo bajo mi necesidad de comer dulces todos los días […]

Un San Valentín diferente

Los 14 de febrero de suelen ser fechas donde mostramos nuestro aprecio a las personas cercanas a nosotros. Familia, amigos y parejas aprovechan esta fecha para comprar regalos, flores y demás a esas personas especiales. En QLU, al Performance Club se le ocurrió la brillante idea de vender rosas, chocolates y serenatas a los estudiantes. […]