Yellow Is The New Black

As the New Year arrived, so did many other influences and instances in our lives, which have caused us to take note. A few such as politics, the entertainment industry and others have had an impact on fashion today. This time a new trend has emerged and so far, it seems it’s come to stay. It is wearing yellow clothing. In fact, it’s known that this color is associated with happiness and joy, which is why this color might be attractive for a lot of people. For many, this is a bold color, and a statement piece you might say, but, do not worry. Today, I’m going to give you some tips, so your outfits are on point and of course your pictures look Instagram worthy, because yellow seems to be the new black and it’s not going back.

  1. When looking for a professional look, mix it with black to keep it bold, but classy.
  2. If you want to go for a more sunny/day time look, you can mix it with white, to have that fresh look.
  3. Try and not mix outfits to combine yellow and another bright color, since this will only make you lose the sense of classiness in your outfit.

Written by: By Gabriella Nicolas

Social Problems Course hosts an HIV/AIDS Awareness Conference

On the fall semester of 2018, the students taking the Social Problems course, instructed by Professor Andrea Miranda, hosted a conference on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. The title of the conference is “La Lucha por la Prevención del VIH, Sida y la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos en Panamá”. The students have been working on this conference since the beginning of the semester and all their hard work was going to be presented on November 14th, 2018 in the room 302 at 10:00 A.M. The conference was based on a panel structure and the honorable guests were asked specific open-ended questions and they had to answer accordingly.

The representative of PROBIDSIDA was Orlando Quintero, founder of the foundation. He started his campaign back in 1999 with 10 patients. There are about 11,000 patients now. They work to help diagnose and treat the victims who are affected by the VIH virus. Dr. Quintero explained what kills people is not getting diagnosed. The fear of knowing if a person is infected with the virus. He also explained how the virus is transmitted and how it is treated. Nowadays there are a lot of ways of treating the virus to the point that it is not transmittable.

There is a difference between HIV and AIDS. The initial phase is VIH and it is not what kills the individual, yet AIDS is the real cause of death because it erases any possibility of your immune system to protect your body from any virus or disease. Mr. Quintero also explained that a lot of victims commit suicide. The virus attacks the reproduction of immune cells that protect the body from getting viruses or diseases. PROBIDSIDA focuses on the public in general but mainly people who lack financial resources. They go all around the countryside and help treat patients that cannot afford to go to the city or do not have medical care in their communities.

The representative of AID for AIDs, Milagros Caballeros, explained that the foundation is meant to be for the youth. They help them with medical care as well as mental care. Mrs. Caballeros believes that mental health is really important because these children and young teens do not know what is happening and it could trigger their mental health. She also said that since the virus cannot be seen at simple sight, it is difficult to know which child has HIV. Also, a lot of schools in Panama are very discriminative. Since children are very innocent and could be harmed easily by insults, their mental health and emotional stability is affected. Many students are mistreated or even told to drop out of school because of their condition. Schools say that they must use a different bathroom, different eating utensils, and even away from other children. HIV is not easily transmitted so it is not fair that young children are treated so badly due to the ignorance of staff.

This conference was very eye-opening and really taught me so much about HIV/AIDs. I did not know that Panama had so many cases of HIV! Another fact that astonished me was that Dr. Orlando Quintero was Professor Maria Alejandra´s father. This is something that shocked us and kept us very interested. This presentation was full of knowledge and intention. I really enjoyed listening to everything he had to say. He gave us very valuable information that not only we should know but the entire country and the world. I am grateful and proud of my Social Problems class for organizing such a thoughtful and engaging conference. I hope that more conferences like this one are hosted by the university.

Written by: Carlo Huang

Fun or Interesting Facts: Character

Character: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Did you understand? Well, if you didn´t, I´ll be discussing what I suppose makes up the components of a human´s character. Each person in this immense world has a different character based on their values or ethics. I believe we all gain several characteristics from the people that surround us. In fact, scientists have proven this to be true.

One of the facts that most caught my attention was the effect that building strengths leads to happiness and well- being. In other words, one thing leads to another. In fact, Frank Outlaw says: “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny”. This quote couldn´t describe my thoughts more in just a few words.

In my opinion, this quote should be in everyone´s sights. In my reasoning, sometimes we don´t notice what our characteristics can persuade us to do, with this phrase in mind many of us can avoid innumerable problems.

Many of our qualities are created during life experiences. For instance, if we gain confidence in ourselves. Whereas, if we lose it, we generate low self-esteem and lose our courage along with other traits. So, what´s the solution? As said before, the answer is to keep practicing. None of us are born with everything, we have to polish ourselves until we shine bright. More importantly, we always need to believe in ourselves.

I can relate to this because throughout my life I have learned that to acquire certain mannerisms. I have to have perseverance! Not only that, but my secret to victory is patience. Providing that, I consider myself a person with a growth mindset. This mind in particular is one that is able to change its way of thinking and is open to new ideas.

As I wrote this paper, I noticed how easy it is to explain everything as to how hard it is to apply it. Structuring myself has never been a walk in the park, but with these techniques I know it will be easier. As a matter of fact, I believe all these techniques are essential for anyone´s daily life. Furthermore, I hope that anyone who reads this article can get facts that will be beneficial to their character.

By: Anonymous

Campus Culture at QLU

College life is more than attending classes, studying and taking exams. Obtaining a university degree at least with the new degrees takes four years of your life, a lot of time that if organized, it gives a lot of free time. You must dedicate to your academic tasks the same amount of time you would devote to a full-time job, a minimum of 40 hours a week. Estimate that you will spend an average of 2 additional hours for each hour you spend in class. The balance will vary according to the subject, however, you will do much of the most difficult work in the library or your bedroom.


Some people think that basically the university is an opportunity to be free. Others believe that the subjects are the only priority. Many people are likely to be at a midpoint. Whatever your position, there will be other people who think like you. Do not feel under pressure to drink or do anything you do not want to. Taking this into account, remember that the university is the stage in which you learn to be an adult on your own. Make decisions that match your values and make you feel happy. Keep in mind that, on occasions you and your parents (or other authority figures) may disagree, and there is no problem with that.


University is learning, culture, relationships with colleagues and having fun, too. Not only will you have fun, yet you will also develop your ability to deal with different people, keep an organization, etc. You might even notice later that you use these skills and experiences in your profession. One of the channels for students to participate in university life is through the associations of university students. There are some groups of purely cultural, social or sporting nature, while others take a tinge more related to representation and student participation.


This will more than often become the stage of your life in which you have the greatest opportunities to learn from people from totally different backgrounds. You will be very lucky to have access to it, so take advantage of it. Attend classes with a multicultural approach. Attend cultural events and conferences on campus. All this will broaden your perspective and will be useful to determine your own values. Even if you get to keep your ideas firmly, it is good to know the opinion of others.

Written by: Jarielys Jones

Un San Valentín diferente

Los 14 de febrero de suelen ser fechas donde mostramos nuestro aprecio a las personas cercanas a nosotros. Familia, amigos y parejas aprovechan esta fecha para comprar regalos, flores y demás a esas personas especiales. En QLU, al Performance Club se le ocurrió la brillante idea de vender rosas, chocolates y serenatas a los estudiantes. Los mismos podían dedicarle algo a esa persona especial o incluso hacer bromas con ello.

La actividad resultó ser muy buena, ya que muchas personas hicieron pedidos de diversos tipos. Los chicos del Performance hicieron todos los encargos en medio de las clases, entrando a los salones y llevando alegría y amor a cada clase que entraban. Entre las canciones que los estudiantes podían pedir estaban: “Just The Way You Are” (Bruno Mars), “Yo tengo tu love” (Sie7e), “Perfect” (Ed Sheeran), entre otras. Luego, en el receso, los miembros del grupo nos deleitaron con un par de canciones en los pasillos de la universidad, para luego seguir repartiendo su talento entre las clases.

Sin duda fue una actividad especial que los estudiantes disfrutaron. También sirvió para que el Performance Club se siguiera dando a conocer y demostrar que en la Universidad hay talento. Seguro tendremos más eventos así en el futuro para tener más interacción y hacer actividades diferentes en Quality Leadership University.


Escrito por: Luis A. Arauz

New Year’s Resolutions..All Lies


Don’t get caught up in the hype of making New Year’s resolutions. You’re lying to yourself for the most part and will not commit. Why, do you ask? Because usually these resolutions are unrealistic goals that are borrowed and/or copied from unattainable and unrelatable sources.

What to do if you want to make changes.

Think about your life and what you want from it. Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to be more proactive in your professional and personal life? Then start with a small steps and eventually your steps will turn into a brisk walk and ultimately a run. This is what you call movement towards progress.

If you want to be healthier, exercise, eat less junk food, drink more water etc. Beginning small in this case refers to creating a day to day momentum of completing goals so you can start off by limiting the amount of junk food that you eat, lessening the amount each day. Then eventually, you’ll end up eating it may be twice a week, then once and finally none at all. The key is not to deprive yourself of what you love completely, but to lessen the dosage as you go along. This is a realistic and healthy goal.

An achievable goal.

Always be positive and have a good attitude despite the things that happen, because life is what we make it. As we usher in 2019, let us always count our blessings and be grateful.

Someone sent me this idea below which I believe is a very healthy way to begin the year. Hopefully you’ll dare to be up for the challenge and have a grateful year.

Written by: Shaunette Bailey

Verano del canal 2019

Esta pasada semana, miles de panameños se encaminaron hacia las escalinatas de la Administración del Canal de Panamá para vivir una experiencia única. Se trataba del Verano del Canal, una actividad cultural abierta a todo el público que comenzó el jueves 14 de febrero con la Noche del Cine, donde se proyectó la película ganadora del Oscar, Coco. El viernes 15 se siguió el programa con La Noche Cultural donde, como dice la Federación de TVN Noticias, se hace “un recorrido musical por la historia de Panamá y su diversidad cultural con más de 100 artistas en escena” con Ulpiano Vergara y su orquesta liderando el show. Sin embargo, el día más esperado por los ciudadanos, especialmente los jóvenes, fue la programación de la Noche Musical el sábado 16 de febrero.

La Noche Musical causo furor en todos los que llegaban con sus bolsas llenas de picadas y lentes de sol, dispuestos a encontrar el mejor puesto en las escalinatas y alrededores, desde las 2 de la tarde para recibir a todos los artistas. Tanto nacionales, como lo son Mayra Hurley, Mecanik Informal, Llevarte a Marte y Joey Montana, el favorito; como internacionales, los aclamados mexicanos, Reik y el famoso Colombiano, J-Balvin. El evento comenzó a eso de las 3 de la tarde, con los artistas nacionales y culmino con los internacionales a eso de las 12.15 de la noche con un show de luces espectacular. Sellando así la noche y el programa cultural de este año.

La organización del evento, impecable, ofreció puesto y pasada para aquellos que quisieran ver la presentación sin embargo fueran incomodados por alguna discapacidad, sin costo alguno. Además, a aquellos que llegaron temprano se les fue dado un bolso del Canal de Panamá, un pulsera con luces para usar durante el espectáculo, un cómodo colchón para sentarse y una botella de agua con el slogan “asegurar el agua del maña, es el reto de hoy” como parte de los temas presentes durante toda la presentación.

Definitivamente un evento al que vale la pena ir ¡atentos para el próximo año! #VeranoCanal

Escrito por: Vilma Orellana


Los Clubes de Quality Leadership Unversity

Todos los años en la Universidad de QLU vemos muchos talento por parte de nuestros estudiantes. Gracias a su talento, capacidad y disciplina, empezaron a formar clubes dentro del campus Universitario. Hoy día contamos 3 clubes, los cuales son: Performance Club, Quality News y Club de Debate.

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A Jamaican’s everlasting love for Panama

Visiting Panama as a tourist was totally different from being a resident who was fully immersed in its culture and every day activities. This I quickly learned after getting married.

It all started 13 years ago when I came to Panama for a visit. I loved everything about the country, the really nice tour guides and hotel staff and the really kind gentleman who chauffeured us around. I was with a small group of foreigners from the US, Canada and England and we were treated like kings and queens. Who would want to leave such a paradise? I most definitely didn’t. I was so starry eyed, that I stayed, fell in love and got married. Reality set in not long after.

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