Ed. Gen. 100 Orientation to University Life
Psych. 201 Introduction to Psychology
Mat. 111 College Algebra
English 101 Introduction to College Writing
Com. 112 Professional and Business oral skills
Hist. 102 History of Panama
English 102 Intermediate College Writing and Writing
Geo. 200 Environmental Studies
Biol. 102 Introduction to Biological Sciences
Biol. 104 Introduction to Biological Sciences Laboratory
Info System 100 Microcomputer Applications
Cont. 201 Accounting Principles I
SPAN 323 Spanish
Mat. 180 Introduction to Calculus
English 306 Writing for Business
Cont. 202 Accounting Principles II
Theater. 324 Acting
C. Pol. 399 Political Aspects of Latin America
Geo 101 Geography of Panama
Fil. 325 Ethics in Business
Adm 201 Business Statistics
Econ. 201 Principles of Microeconomics

Fil. 311 Introduction to Logic

Econ. 202 Principles of Macroeconomics

Syst. Inf. 300 Computer Information Systems

Leg. C. 301 Legal Environment in Business

Adm. 401 Operations Management

Adm. 361 Introduction to Management

Merc. 301 Marketing Principles

Fin. 301 Corporate Finance

Adm. 375 International Business

Adm. 340 Entrepreneurship

Merc. 355 Market Research

Lit. 340 Global Literature

ECON 320 Comparison of Economic Policies

Fin. 335 International Finance

Merc. 405 Global Marketing

Adm. 443 Project Administration

Leg. C 361 International Commercial Law

Adm. 360 Administration of Emp. Multinationals

Merc. 480 Graduation Project

Adm. 470 Global Strategy

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