Our Students from the Master in Applied English Linguistics with Specialization in TESOL. We invite you to read their shared experiences in the program.

“Quality Leadership University is a well-organized and well-structured university where I have always felt welcome and appreciated. The curriculum of their Master in Applied Linguistics provides an excellent opportunity to update yourself in all the new teaching trends, as well as on approaches, strategies and techniques that a top-notch teacher needs to master. The aim of the program is that participants learn how to teach different English subjects, as well as master the best ways to plan lessons and apply all types of traditional or technological resources to produce remarkable classes where the learners will feel engaged and motivated, so that they will access a higher level of proficiency in their English learning experience.” -Arlenis Herrera

“Learning and applying the first three subjects of this master’s program has allowed me to strengthen my didactic knowledge as a means to become a better facilitator. The methodological approaches taught by the professors have proven to be very effective and proactive in order to enable our students’ capacity to receive a 21st century education.” -Saúl Quirós