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Pablo Garcés

I’m a passionate teacher who thinks that  with the right mindset and methodology anyone can learn absolutely anything. 

My love for movies was my gateway to English. “You can’t handle the truth!” “Go ahead, make my day,” “May the force be with you.” I learned English so I could understand and recite the bewitching beauty of movie dialogs. Once I’d learned it, I started teaching others. I became an EFL teacher and I’ve been doing it for the last 12 years.

Although I do teach grammar, I always tell students,  “you won’t remember a single grammar rule when you are in the middle of a conversation with an English speaker.” What I mean by this is that the grammar lesson should always be the foundation, but the actual learning comes through practice and repetition. For this reason , I make my classes as dynamic as possible and  the goal is always to speak. I think the best classes are when my students do most of the talking. 

I also tell everyone not to be afraid of making mistakes. In fact you should make a bunch of those. Every mistake brings you closer to your goal and every minute you put into learning English makes you a better English speaker. 

So let’s start classes soon and enjoy.  We’ll have a blast!