23rd of September – International Conference: How to sell on Google. Adwords versus SEO.

International Conference: How to sell on Google. Adwords versus SEO.

International Conference presented by Prof. Néstor Romero

Conferencia Adwords SEO panama por Nestor RomeroWhat differences exist between SEO and a campaign of Adwords? Evidently there are many differences, but there are mainly two: cost y speed. Search Engine presence, either through advertising (SEM) or by natural positions (SEO), have a very positive effect in the number of visits to a website, also attracting some visits with a high intent to purchase, much higher than social media, where the correlation between the impact and the purchase is not as straightforward.

Day: Wednesday, 23rd of September of 2015

Hora: 4-5:30 PM

Place: University of Louisville – Panamá (Calle 45, Bella Vista)

Conferencia Inbound Marketing Nestor Romero en University of Louisville Panama - Quality Leadership UniversityNestor Romero is an engineer and expert in Web Positioning, Digital Marketing and Social Media, being a general director of European companies like Prisma Idea and Grupo Centria, and Marketing Project Manager at Riverthia, TriatlonFit and Asociación Rusa of Costa del Sol. Combines professional work managing a variety of online projects in Spain and more than 20 countries with teaching in several public and private schools, among them the Universidad Nacional a Distancia (UNED), the “Training Center in Communications and Information Technology” (FORMAN), the University-Enterprise foundation of the University of Malaga, University of Chile, IMFE of Malaga City Hall, University of Granada, Official Chamber of Commerce of Malaga, Chamber of Commerce and Wilaya of Tetuán, Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Malaga, Novasoft, CADEs of Andalucia, Guadalpyme, Official Chamber of Commerce of Alicante of ANIMUM School of Málaga.


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